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Every few weeks my contract with Amazon allows me to offer Kindle versions of my books for FREE!
The next free dates are from midnight November 25th to midnight November 28th.  Direct links to Amazon/Kindle are on the home page.

Free White Paper

Are you considering a school that seems a bit too welcoming, has few (if any) requirements to sign up (for loans), or makes career promises that sound too good to be true?  Be cautious!  Especially if the school is a for-profit business.  Originally written for a non-profit think tank, this white paper offers insight to issues at today's for-profit schools and how to find a good fit for you. 
For-Profit Higher Education Under Scrutiny (white paper)

Free Templates 

Do you like checklists and fill-in-the-blank forms?  Then you'll love these charts and templates!  Each link opens a Word document that you can save and use over and over.

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