Tuesday, March 10, 2015

New blog on college affordability launched!

 During the five years since Back to School for Grownups was first published, I have spoken with many adult learners as they faced challenges, pursued hopes, and celebrated success. From the grandmother struggling to retrain to be able to support five young grandchildren after losing their mother, to the executive who simply wanted to follow his dreams, this has been an interesting and rewarding journey.

And it will continue...with one exception:

In response to the student loan debt crisis I will no longer be posting here but instead have launched a new blog: OurPlanforCollege.blogspot.com

Based on my new book, Our Plan: A Family-Centered Guide to Paying for College, the new blog focuses on college affordability for learners of all ages. Our Plan shows readers how to keep their family at the center of every higher ed decision; and by doing so avoid unmanageable student debt.

Thank you for your readership! Please visit my new blog: www.OurPlanforCollege.blogspot.com!