Monday, March 18, 2013

Savings Challenge #2: Try a No-Store-Shopping Spring

We all have items we bought with good intentions that have rarely, if ever, been used.  This spring avoid retail stores (except maybe JCP...they have rock-bottom prices and deserve kudos for the Ellen commercials, even if the concept was an epic fail).  Instead host a Spring Swap.  Here's how it works.

Go through your closets.  Kitchen, hall, bedroom; if it is a closet at least take a look.  Pull out anything you (a) haven't used or worn in the last 2 years and (b) no longer like/want.  For me that includes a kitchen swiffer, tennis racket, chic blouse (what was I thinking), and more two-pocket folders than anyone should own.  The quality should be good enough you'd offer it to your best friend.  Convince one or more friends to do the same.

Name a date, place and time and swap!  Limit the time to 15-60 minutes.  Rules are optional. For an additional twist, send a note to participants ahead of time with requests (I'm looking for a summer top, light blue, size small good for yoga).  Anything that is left over give to a shelter or non-profit (Hope Chest) or Goodwill.

This can be done over lunch, 15 minutes before class (I'm thinking of my adult night students who meet once a week), or as a fun weekend event with pizza ($10 or less a pizza...Papa Murphy's or Kashi with a coupon are great).

Even if you don't score big, you'll give the good stuff in closets more room to breathe, and have fun in the process.

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